There is at least that one time in every person’s life where they feel on top of the world. To be the President of the Pune Toastmasters Club, after a year of serving as a treasurer, has provided me with such an opportunity. This is not only a stage to showcase one’s talents, but more importantly, a place to benefit from the talented others.

Installation of ExComNot only is this a huge responsibility, but also a golden chance to improve myself as a leader and as a team worker; to learn more.
Every second I spent with the others in the club is heartening in it that it gave me valid pointers to improve myself. There is no saying as to how much I have profited from the speeches. It gave me the realization to humble my big self and focus on being better in putting my talents to use. The maturation I’ve witnessed in my communication skills are massive.
So now my goal as the President of this betterment club is to make this mammoth maturation of talents and skills happen in every member of this club. It is my resolution to never go backwards in this vision I have for my club. I am determined more than ever to take our club to the next level of perfection. The members have put their trust in me that I can help in this amelioration process and it is my single-minded resolve to never betray that trust.

COTP Training
To lead is to serve in the best enthusiastic and sincere way as possible and I intend to do just the same with the guidance of my seniors and mentors and with blessings from my elders. Believe it, there is always room for betterment and no other place for it than the Toastmasters Club.
“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Writing Credits – Neenu Mangatt