To write on a subject would mean putting into use a person’s intellect, time and most importantly their ability to write precisely about the subject in hand.
An intimate knowledge of grammar or an IQ of 160 wouldn’t possibly give the best write up. It is an acquired skill- one which has to be learnt, practiced and perfected. It is in itself an art.
Not everyone can capture the attention of the reader. But to be that person who excels in this art, be it be in an email or a newsletter, it has to be done with such meticulousness that the intended readability and effectiveness are achieved. To be a successful blogger or an entrepreneur, this is one pivotal aspect. Even an important Facebook post wouldn’t become viral without the content hitting the heart of the subject. But a skilled writer can turn even a piffling news into a wildfire simply with an excellent choice of words. The mastery over words and language along with the skill of writing can make magic.
This is exactly what we discussed recently in the Workshop on Content Writing that we successfully concluded on — September 2018. It was a really fulfilling yet challenging endeavour. Entrepreneurs, HR professionals, digital marketing experts, trainers and even budding NewGen writers came in with their sky high aspirations. We had a very productive session about this most sought after skill nowadays. Along with the talk on the various techniques and methods that one can employ, we also engaged in sharing knowledge acquired from real life experiences. Each tried their hand at this art of writing, armed with the new ideas. All enjoyed it to the fullest and the same fulfilment was gained by the attendees. All went back home enlightened and invigorated.
Sure enough we realize yet again why pen is still the mightiest:)


Writing Credits – Neenu Mangatt