Wanting to contribute in our small ways, Asar went to Aapla Ghar and gave away Rakhis for children and elderly there. Based at the foot hills of Sinhgarh fort, it hosts children and elderly and takes care of them.

APALA GHAR, a NGO managed by LATE VAIBHAV PHALNIKAR MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, established in 2001 by Shri Vijay Phalnikar and Mrs. Sadhana Phalnikar in memory of their only son Vaibhav who died of cancer, started in a small way by providing free ambulance service for the benefit of economically backward section of the society. Today they are able to successfully manage all their projects only by generous donations in cash/kind from our well wishers.

It is truly motivating to see the kind of love and affection Aapla Ghar is providing to the members and the close knit family that they have.

The good deeds done by us, will take care of us in our further lives. Not Even Death can wipe out our good deeds.

September 2017