This Season brings more Joy and Happiness to all around us.

The economy is all set to grow, there is hope in the eyes of all our associates and they want to learn more and more. The good thats happening around is that more women and Young College girls have been approaching us to Learn and Earn. Interestingly, new ideas come up, they themselves point out to improvements and new products. Very keen and willing, our team is growing !

Also, We start Posting online.

Our Facebook page is active and has our products available to be ordered.

Our First Upload on a merchant site for sale is also available here.

Along with them, the children of some of these women also come to see whats happening and try their hands on out of curiosity. Its interesting how keen they are to know whats happening and what we can make out of the material thats kept in front of them. Asar should very soon be launching children’s workshop, to make them more creative and interested in the festivities and colour of life. So, while their mommies work, these children can play around and have fun too !

June 2017