A Dream come true for most of us, when we ushered in all of our life’s savings to buy a flat in our name. A Flat which will remain with us a full lifetime. A Flat which we can call ours.

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first and most important need is Physiological. Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Clothing are the basic necessities of life and this is the first thing we secure so that we can focus on other needs in life. Safety comes next. In order to feel more secure to move ahead in life, we wish to secure a house or a property which will enable us to stay safe in case of unforeseen circumstances. This is what we are talking about here.

It is for this that we save our entire lives and give all we saved to get our dream home. A lot of finance businesses thrive from the fact that they get commission and levy hefty charges on various property transactions. Still, we give away all we saved for this one thing.

Someone gives their life’s savings, Provident fund savings, borrows money from friends and family, takes all the money their parents saved and so on, just in a hope that they will get their dream shelter. What they didn’t foresee is that the people who were providing these services are also human and can default. Which they Did.

Years of waiting, and not receiving their flats, brings about a lot of frustration, tears and sadness. To an extent many of us give up that they will be able to see their property in their lifetime.

For detailed clarification, request you to please consult with your lawyer. We can only share the experience of what  we have faced. Richie – 98604.65660.

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