Having multiple flats in NCR was a dream come true. We were eagerly waiting for our 36 months to get over so that we get possession.  Months changed to years but the wait was never ending. We started discussing with others who were in a similar boat. A lot of agitation was brewing. People were restless. Why not, we invested our entire life’s savings in those housing societies which were now standing barren.

Slowly communications were reducing and there seemed to be no hopes of what was called a possession letter. Newspaper news like these were shaking our hearts and rattling our thoughts. We didn’t know what to do. We realized that there was no other way but to go to the courts and ask for relief. Ask for our Flats. Once the court orders, the builder will have to give our flats.

So, we started off. To file in NCDRC we were forming groups.  We spoke to hundreds of people who were loosing hope. We told them that we also are in a similar state and while we are troubled, we should not loose hope. Thus we formed groups to file cases against the builder companies to get early possession and compensation for the delay. In the process, I spoke to young and old. Those who were young were angry. The older and more experienced ones were scared.

One Lady went to the extent of telling me, ” Beta, please don’t file case against the builder, else he will not give us our flats”.

An Uncle broke down while telling me, “I have invested my whole life’s savings. I took out all my provident fund savings to buy this house and it is now stuck. I do not have money to pay Emi and rent both.”.

Multiple people said they want to sell off and recover their money. But who will buy a stuck property. There were No Takers.  One person called to check if the builder will give their money back. Innocent people, cheated badly. They have no way to go.

These are only some of the examples, which shook us. It s not that the owners of those big building construction companies are not aware the impact it will have on their customers. Distressed people, took to streets and peace marches were done. The kind of mental agony that we consumers were exposed to, (apart from the financial and physical stress)  was unparalleled. And so we at ASAR Initiative, took up to helping people who were in a situation similar to us.

For detailed clarification, request you to please consult with your lawyer. We can only share the experience of what  we have faced. Richie – 98604.65660.

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