This is the question, each and every person i speak to, asks. And I am Hopeful.

Although after filing the case, many months went by. Then one day we heard that the builder company has filed for Insolvency. Our case in NCDRC was stalled. The game was simple. Once they were declared insolvent, they will not be required to give us anything. But it is not that simple.

We had filed the case against the Parent company and the company which sold us the flats. Since the daughter company was filing for insolvency, our case against the daughter company could not proceed. But then the parent company was also a part. Due to filing of PIL in Supreme court, all cases at other levels were put on hold. Then, the buyers were declared as financial creditors. This was an achievement in itself. Since, now we had rights of voting and a little more awareness of what was happening.

The Buildings are standing tall awaiting their finishing. Work completely stalled, gives no hope of being delivered very soon. Once the insolvency proceedings finish, we are hopeful of getting Justice along with our Houses.

For detailed clarification, request you to please consult with your lawyer. We can only share the experience of what  we have faced. Richie – 98604.65660.

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