Save Water – Do your Bit !

WHO statistics reveals 0.007% of world’s water is safe for human consumption. This water is to be shared among 7 billion people on this planet. Water is scarce only because it is unevenly distributed on earth’s surface. The water that… Continue Reading →

Asar – A Helping Hand

I had heard from my domestic help about her neighbour, who was facing extreme issues at home. She had told me how her few months old child kept crying all day and how there were loud noises of fights coming… Continue Reading →

This Diwali Asar distributed Book Marks

When we were young, we did not have electronic media to distract us in our favourite pastime – Reading !! What is true is that the fast paced life and rapid growth of electronic media made available and accessible to… Continue Reading →

Asar at Aapla Ghar

Wanting to contribute in our small ways, Asar went to Aapla Ghar and gave away Rakhis for children and elderly there. Based at the foot hills of Sinhgarh fort, it hosts children and elderly and takes care of them. APALA… Continue Reading →

Little Asar with children at Sinduhtai Sakpal Orphanage

This Rakshabandhan was exceptional at Asar Initiative. The volunteers of Asar Initiative were bubbling with joy at Sindhutai Sakpal Orphanage in Manjari. Sindhutai Sapkal, affectionately known as the “Mother of Orphans”, is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly… Continue Reading →

This Season is Different

This Season brings more Joy and Happiness to all around us. The economy is all set to grow, there is hope in the eyes of all our associates and they want to learn more and more. The good thats happening… Continue Reading →

The New Season ’16

We are more than a year old now. Thanks to those who have motivated us, guided us and helped us bring about the efforts in bringing about those changes to the society. Sustainable development comes from the fact that we… Continue Reading →

Diwali is coming…

Rakshabandhan is a harbinger to the festive season. It brings in lot of festivities in the form of Ganesh utsav, Navratri, Dusshera, Karwachowth and Diwali. This gives another opportunity to learn and showcase the skills in the form of various… Continue Reading →

Support Through Stalls

Sales is the function of the organization which brings in revenues and allows it to continue its work. The revenues will come from the fact that buyers buy and contribute to the cause which has been started. IT companies in… Continue Reading →

Learning Entrepreneurship by Selling What we made

Being together, brings confidence and enhances learnability. The young women associated with Asar decided to put up a stall in July ’15 at Pashan to display and sell the products made for the occasion of Rakshabandhan. They were happy and… Continue Reading →

Learning to Make Rakhis

  Learning to make Rakhis was made fun by doing it together with friends. It was an interesting experience to learn how to make Rakhis for children, brothers, for bhabhis and make roli chawal packs to go with it. In… Continue Reading →

How Knowing Who’s Who of the Industry Helps

Venturing into new arenas of business has always been a passion for me. Of late, it’s EmCeeing in a variety of events.  One such memorable event was the SMC organised recently by the IIT Kanpur Pune Chapter on 15th September… Continue Reading →

The Art of Content Writing – A Training Every one wants to attend!

To write on a subject would mean putting into use a person’s intellect, time and most importantly their ability to write precisely about the subject in hand. An intimate knowledge of grammar or an IQ of 160 wouldn’t possibly give… Continue Reading →

RAC & The Leadership Drill

There is at least that one time in every person’s life where they feel on top of the world. To be the President of the Pune Toastmasters Club, after a year of serving as a treasurer, has provided me with… Continue Reading →

RAC Doing the Alumni Connect

“Salutation to the noble Guru, who has opened the eyes blinded by darkness of ignorance with the collyrium-stick of knowledge” (translation of a Sanskrit Shloka) To be back at one’s alma mater is always a pleasure. It takes us back… Continue Reading →

Acquire Customers. But How ?

Getting any business up and running is never an easy task. While it may seem like a sprint, it’s always a marathon – requiring the investment of time, money and most importantly our own self.

RAC At StartUp Master Class, Mumbai

The Leela Mumbai recently stood witness to an extraordinary event in the history of start-ups. For RA Consulting too that was an overwhelming moment being an outreach partner for this endeavour.

Top 10 Startup Mistakes-OR NOT ? A Contrarian View

Patience is a virtue less known these days and I want results overnight if not in a fortnight. This makes me do things, take decisions which may not be wise in the least. But I none the less, give my… Continue Reading →

RAC Collaborates with Startup Grind Pune !!

RAC collaborated with the Startup Grind Pune as Supporting partners for the event which is held every month. Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Each monthly event, hosted in over 200 cities and… Continue Reading →

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